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Goat & GoAtpaca
(Goat & Alpaca) Yoga

Goat Yoga combines healing with smiles and laughter to any yoga practice.  It's easy to laugh and let go during a 40 - 50 minute goat hopping yoga session, including an additional 5 - 10 minutes for pictures and snuggles. Use special promo code LEAH11 for $2 off when registering for goat yoga or mingle class.  

To register: click on date below or on events calendar.


Goat Yoga Classes taught at Goats to Go, Great Rock Farm in Georgetown, MA:

Friday, June 23rd @ 6:15 PM  -   Twilight Goat Yoga & Ice Cream

Sunday, July 9th @ 6:15 PM-Goat Extravaganza: Yoga, Mingle & Lee Biddle Music

Saturday, July 15th @ 9:15 PM  -  Sunrise Goat Yoga

Saturday, July 22nd @ 5:15 PM - Twilight Goat Yoga 

Yoga amongst goats and alpacas at Screw Brook Farm,  Deerfield, NH.  Take your yoga practice to the next level while interacting with goats and allowing alpacas to watch and pose for photos. Click on link to be redirected to email for registration and questions.  

Check back for 2023 dates 



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