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 Leah Pacione 

 Yoga Instructor 

Leah started her yoga teaching journey soon after the birth of her second child becoming an Expressive Yoga Dance Instructor.  Teaching evolved to completion of Kripalu Yoga 200 hour certification.   Aside from a free flowing intricate yoga practice connecting breath, movement and stillness, Leah incorporates essential oils into various forms of yoga classes. Leah feels yoga can be appreciated and practiced by all; therefore tailors her teaching style to accommodate all with her custom designed Kids Yoga Program, Family, All Levels, Gentle, Swiss Ball, Goat, SUP (stand up paddle board), and  MotoYoga (preview video below).


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Reiki and AromaTouch

Reiki Master Level 1 & 2 and AromaTouch Technician, Leah offers a variety of treatment sessions tailored to your needs.  This can include strictly Reiki, without the use of Essential Oils, DoTerra's AromaTouch Treatment, layering specific essential oils, or a combination of both methods guided by intuition.   

"Reiki is an ancient, gentle, hands-on, energy healing therapy." (Barnett & Chambers). Typically offered in 60 minute sessions, the practitioner acts as a conduit for the life force energy to transmit into the body allowing natural innate healing to occur.  Can be used for chemotherapy patients during treatment or in smaller time allotments after treatments.    


DoTerra's AromaTouch Treatment layers eight  specific essential oils, gently applied along the spine, head, hands, and feet to aid in the body's natural healing capability. 


Guided by intuition, this method uses a combination of reiki, life force energy, and various essential oils  catered specifically to moment by moment needs of the client to individualize healing potential.


DoTERRA Essential Oils

Nano enhanced technology combined with naturally grown hemp oil, helps to optimize the mind & body, efficiently and naturally. Take orally as a daily nutritional supplement.  
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"I have been experiencing 2 months of hip pain and discomfort, I went to Leah's hip and lower back class and I was so impressed.  My hip pain felt so much better and nearly is resolved.  I have signed up to continue working with Leah because her time and techniques really helped my hip.  

A couple things I like about her class is that they are a little longer and not rushed, she keeps me on track with breathing for the whole class and I love the essential oils.  

She is so great, thank you very much!"       

- Karen Souhlaris, Awakening Grace Yoga Studio Student

"The kids yoga class is great because it helps me to stretch and strengthen my body."

-Anna Gatchell, 4th Grade Yoga Student


Seasonal Sprays

Enjoy the scents of the seasons while indoors or outdoors, without worrying about harsh chemicals, sunburns, or bug bites. Order essential oil blended sprays tailored specifically to your needs. Bundle or individually purchase.

DoTERRA Essential Oils

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Essential Oils can be used as an enhancement to aid healing in the natural rhythm and flow of life.  DoTERRA brand oils are "CPTG- Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®” of the highest quality standard with no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants.  
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